Monday, May 05, 2014

Alumni Watch: Katie Graham

Dr. Johnson recently got in touch with one of the Department's alumna, Katie Graham, class of 2011. She told her some about her job with the Global Deployment Program Office of the Missile Defense Agency as a Document Specialist, Certified Correspondence Reviewer, and Records Liaison Officer. Among other things, she gets to "develop policies, plans, processes, procedures, and guidance for site activation, system deployment, and logistical and operational practices." She will also get to travel to sites where missiles and radars are set up.

For her time at the Department, Katie has much to say. "My history degree has helped me in numerous ways in my career so far. Writing and researching all of those term papers was excellent practice for my work as a Document Specialist and a Certified Correspondence Reviewer for MDA. In this way, I am able to write and review documents detailing the work of the Global Deployment Program Office. Some of these documents eventually make it all the way up to Congress! My favorite role, though, is as the Records Liaison Officer for my office. Starting in September of last year, I began archiving all of the GDPO's records, and I actually JUST finished this archival process last week......this totals over 7,000 records that I archived for our team. The classes that I took for my history degree helped to prepare me for this type of work, and in this way, I helped secure the history of my office for the Missile Defense Agency."

Great job on your success Katie. We wish you the best.

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