Friday, August 06, 2010

Global Studies in Germany

Seven UAHuntsville students, including several history students, traveled to Germany in May along with Dr. Molly Johnson for a class on “Berlin, Nuremberg, Munich: Legacies of the Third Reich.”  The class, offered through UAH's Global Studies program, visited a variety of sights that explored how the Nazis used both the spatial and the visual as aesthetic strategies to gain and maintain power, as well as how Germany as a nation-state and different cities and groups document and reflect on the history of Nazi Germany today through memorials, museums, and other memory sites.

Pictured here are students in front of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin, with Potsdamer Platz in the background; students in front of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin; students at the Koenigsplatz in Munich, which was used as a Nazi parade ground; and students with Herr Franz Mueller, a surviving member of the White Rose student resistance group based at the University of Munich in the 1940s.  Students also took in some Cold War lore while in Berlin.  Katie Graham is standing next to a Trabant automobile, and Jesse Bates is posing with a piece of the former Berlin Wall.

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