Monday, March 10, 2014

Todd Fulda on his Master's Work at UAH

The Department likes to keep updated on its alumni, and last December Todd Fulda graduated with his Master's in History from UAH. This was a well-earned achievement that required a great deal of work, but Todd doesn't seem to mind. He writes, "I enjoyed every moment I was a grad student in UAH's history department. I went in with high expectations and each professor I had exceeded those expectations. Call me masochistic, but I enjoyed the late nights spent doing research in the library and writing papers on various topics. All together, I feel I grew significantly as a historian while working on my master's and it made moving back to Alabama worth it." It's good to see his time was well-spent (and from the looks of it, filled with caffeine).

For his Master's, Todd wrote a thesis titled The Badgers of Reform. His abstract give a brief glimpse into his work: "This thesis examines the Progressive and Socialist movements both on the national scene and in the state of Wisconsin to discover their similarities and differences. The analysis relies upon extensive primary sources including newspapers and archival documents as well as secondary sources including books and journal articles to answer this question. Ultimately, the information provided by these sources shows that the Progressive and Socialist Movements in Wisconsin both developed their own, distinctive ideologies and methods that were often quite divergent from their parent movements on the national level. The Badgers of Reform argues that these differences were key factors in helping Wisconsin Progressivism and Socialism survive through the 1920s while the national movements died out in the wake of World War I."

We are happy for Todd's achievement and wish him future success. Congratulations Todd!

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