Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome Dr. Andrei Gandila!

Dumbarton Oaks Library
Dr. Andrei Gandilla

Welcome Dr. Gandila! 

The history department welcomes a second assistant professor to our ranks this fall: Dr. Andrei Gandila. Dr. Gandila spent last year as a Dumbarton Oaks Junior Fellow after which he defended his dissertation, “Marginal Money: Coins, Frontiers, and Barbarians in Early Byzantium in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries,” at the University of Florida.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Dr. Gandila, a Romanian (“citizen of Rome”), focuses on Roman history and archaeology. He also brings expertise in antiquity and the early middle ages to UAH, and public history students will benefit from his experience as a museum curator and archaeologist.  Incidentally, comments can be addressed to Dr. Gandila in Romanian, French, German, or you can write to him Latin, Ancient Greek (take note Society for Ancient Languages!), Italian, or Spanish. Preferably about futball (soccer), which is a passion of his.

Dr. Gandila uses archaeological field work in Romania and Italy to flesh out his study of Byzantium’s frontiers, particularly around the Danube. Become a “marginal” historian: Join him on the borders and in the margins in his fall course, “Roman Frontiers and Borders (HY498/598).”

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