Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome to Visiting Assistant Professor Kira Robison!

The history department is happy to welcome Dr. Kira Robison as Visiting Assistant Professor for academic year 2012-2013. Kira is a recent Ph.D. from the history department at the University of Minnesota. Kira's specialization is medieval history, with an interest in ancient history that stretches as far back as her bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago and master’s degrees from the University of Denver. Her research topics are varied, but focus mainly on the history of medicine, law, and religion during the Middle Ages. Her dissertation, “Anathomia: Physicians, the Medical School, and Teaching the Body in Medieval Bologna” explores the role of anatomy in medical education at the University of Bologna from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries while paying close attention to the civic context of the students and professors of medicine that had an impact on the development of the medical school during this period. (Yes, there’s some political history in there, too). She has written several encyclopedia articles and has a piece forthcoming in the edited volume Medicine and Law in the Middle Ages, in which she investigates the medieval antecedents for Bologna’s sixteenth-century physician tribunal and their regulation of medicine and surgery amongst city practitioners. In her downtime, she likes to potter about the garden and read any novel (or comic book) not nailed down. Welcome, Kira!

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