Monday, April 11, 2011

Congratulations to Christine Sears on Publications

Congrats to Dr. Christine Sears, assistant professor of history, for two publications out this spring!

The first is "Slavery as Social Mobility? Western Slaves in Late Eighteenth Century Algiers" Research in Maritime History, issue entitled "Rough Waters: American Involvement with the Mediterranean in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries," no. 44 (March 2011): 207-220.

The second, co-authored with Dr. Jason O'Brien in UAH's education department, is "Victor or Villain? Wernher von Braun and the Space Race" in The Social Studies 102, no. 2 (March 2011):59-64.

This historical role play focuses on Wernher von Braun's involvement in and culpability for the use of slave laborers to produce V-2 rockets for Nazi Germany. This role play invites students to hone their critical thinking skills as they debate a complex, multi-layered historical scenario.

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