Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Is Your History Career at a Crossroads?: Announcing the Department's New Public History Blog!

As the Public History program at UAHuntsville continues to grow, a new department public history blog will allow you to track the program and follow the progress of ongoing projects. The link to the blog is located on the History Department's main webpage under "Public History Program."

Public history is a wonderful way for students to learn skills, gain experience, and find a history-related job outside of the classroom or enhance your classroom skills. Public historians often find jobs as museum professionals, government and business historians, historical consultants, archivists, teachers, cultural resource managers, curators, film and media producers, policy advisers, oral historians, and in some cases, professors.

In the next couple of days Dr. John Kvach, who spearheads UAHuntsville's public history program, will begin posting updates on current projects that involve students and faculty from UAHuntsville. There will also be some upcoming posts that will announce new projects and opportunities.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Kvach at john.kvach@uah.edu or stop by his office at 407 Roberts Hall, regardless if you are a history major or not, and talk about your interest in public history or possible internships and volunteer opportunities.

Pictured here is the construction of a Huntsville street car line in 1888.

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