Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ancestry.Com Grant for "Real People, Real History" Public History Project

The department congratulations professor John Kvach on receiving an "Ancestry Institution" award to support the "Real People, Real History" public history project on the Civil War in Madison County, funded in part by the History Channel. For more on this project, see the below blog entry .

The grant will give all 250+ local high school students as well as the UAH students involved in the project full access to This award will allow students to explore census, land, legal, local, military and personal records and newspapers. The award is worth $155.40 per person for the year and there will be about 265 people associated with the project, bringing the value of the award in terms of services provided to $41,075.

Congratulations to Dr. Kvach and his public school and library colleagues. We look forward to seeing the end result of this exciting endeavor!

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