Monday, November 13, 2006

Whad'Ya Know?

Not much, how about y'all!!?

Andrew Dunar and Stephen Waring were guests on Michael Feldman's radio quiz show Whad'Ya Know? on Saturday 18 November. Feldman began the show with funny remarks about Huntsville, including some of its sacred cows and provincial foibles. His first guests were Dunar and Waring. They talked about the history of "Rocket City, USA" and their book The Power to Explore: A History of the Marshall Space Flight Center . Waring was happy that Dunar did most of the talking. Dunar was happy that Waring learned from his lessons in sarcasm. The show was broadcast live from the Von Braun Civic Center, but you can listen to a RealAudio recording of the entire show. A review of the event by the Huntsville Times called the professors "local notables." Alas, Waring and Dunar's fifteen minutes of fame have elapsed.

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