Saturday, March 07, 2009

Congratulations to the Society for Ancient Languages on a Successful Classics Week 2009

The History Department would like to commend the Society for Ancient Languages and the Classical Studies Program for yet another successful Classics Week.

This year, Classics Week featured Professor Robert Kaster, Professor of Classics and Kennedy Foundation Professor of Latin at Princeton University. Kaster gave two lectures on Friday, February 27, one on "Roman Values and Virtues," and another on "Cicero in Mourning."

Professor Kaster also spent much time conversing with students in the Society for Ancient Languages over meals and visits to local sites. The highlight of Professor Kaster's visit was the annual Convivium at Dr. Richard Gerberding's Castle, where current and former members of the Society for Ancient Languages as well as many supporters and friends gathered for an elegant evening of fine dining, intellectual stimulation, and a musical interlude provided by Vox Angelica.

Special thanks to Society member Joseph Richardson for documenting the event through his photography. Featured here are a select number of photographs, one featuring Professor Kaster during a public lecture; a second featuring students, photographed from above, gathered in the Great Hall of Dr. Gerberding's home; a third featuring students sitting at the table with Professor Kaster (with Society president and main event organizer Bill Bailey at the head of table with Professor Kaster to his side); and a fourth featuring Dr. Richard Gerberding, Director of the Classical Studies Program, together with Professor Kaster.

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